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We are based in Barcelona and offer complete logistics and distribution services; from storage, packaging, labeling, stock control, distribution in Spain and the rest of Europe, return management, customer service and any other logistics service that the client may require.



In 2013, after more than 20 years of experience in the Courier sector – with the company TOTALCOURIER – as a result of the growth of wine sales online; we saw that many bottles arrived broken at their final destination and that there was no appropriate packaging for the delivery of bottles by parcel service. This is how TotalSafePack was born, a company dedicated to the manufacture of bottle protection packaging systems for shipping by parcel.


We have more than 20 years of experience in the logistics and transportation sectors; and we work with the best suppliers at the lowest possible cost. We have a wide range of the best transportation providers and choose the best one for each particular destination, thus achieving the lowest cost per shipment no matter where your package goes.

In 2016, due to the growth of e-commerce in Spain and the rest of Europe, we saw that there was a gap in the supply of companies in Spain that offered a complete logistics service for e-commerce that already had a great interest to consolidate in Spain; either to serve the Spanish market or to locate the main warehouse strategically in Spain to serve the rest of Europe.


In this way, all our experience in distribution, transportation and packaging; In addition to the infrastructure of warehouse, machinery and human resources, the next step would be to create a business division specialized in providing logistics services for the large amount of e-commerce that seek to consolidate in Spain.


Today, we have 3 expert companies that complement each other perfectly to cover all the requirements that an e-commerce may need. We offer packaging, logistics and distribution with excellent service and at the best price.